Unity just bought Weta Digital – yeah, the Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson one

The democratization of visual effects continues at a stunning pace, with or without acquisitions. But it’s hard to beat this example – an Academy Award-winning visual effects studio is now in the hands of a game engine.

Crazy Video: Giant Robot Cassette Kills Giant Robot iPod Classic

The iPod Classic is dead, sure. Now it’s really dead. And the cassette player outlasts its shiny Apple hipster-fashion-accessory counterpart with the non-removable battery – by kicking its sorry ass with a giant mecha fist punch to the face. Hold on… if it seems we may be losing our grip on reality, that’s just because […]

- September 25, 2014

Steve Jobs' Dream of the Visual Workstation, Surfacing Again in New Mac Pro

http://www.apple.com/mac-pro/ It seems like the perfect Steve Jobs vision of a computer. The design even scares some with its forward look. It’s Darth Vader chic: slick, entirely black, with almost nothing visible to mar its perfectly-abstracted geometric shape. The new workstation is aimed at high-end markets in video, sound and music, and science. It bets […]

Peter Kirn - June 19, 2013

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