360-Degree Wall, 4000 LEDs, Made with Cardboard, Paper, and Needles, in Action

Big pixels, enormous screen: watching the latest LED wall spring to life from basic materials, with a lot of effort, is a sheer delight. Reader Konstantin Leonenko sends in this work, by technical producers YBCOZ, for the Dutch artist Giny Vos’ cinematic installation. The sheer quantity of LEDs aside, it’s the ability of that cinematic […]

Instructable: How to Build a Music Studio in an Apartment

“Building an apartment studio” to many of us means adding a laptop, clearing off a desk, and donning some headphones. But Brooklyn-based Katherine Belsey Davis, who does all sorts of wonderful (non-musical) things in wood, glass, fabric, and other materials, had lofty plans for a NYC studio job: Since this studio was built for mixing […]

- March 12, 2009

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