Remembering Bob Moog: New Album, Remix Contest, Blog, and Some Bob Moog 101

Synthesists Tara Busch dares you to remix her album. Photo courtesy the artist. It barely seems as though it’s been that long, but synthesis pioneer Robert Moog died six years ago this week. That has brought a whole new wave of remembrances, including a great new EP you can remix. And if you still don’t […]

Freerange Dancetracks Pezzner Remix, And How and How Not to Do Remix Contests

Pezzner plays the Savoy Room at MUTEK. Photo (CC) basic_sounds. Remix contests are all the rage lately, but quality is another thing altogether. I’m happy CDM is involved in a new contest with Dancetracks, however, because the ingredients of a contest that’s worth your time all all there. First off, Seattle-based [Dave] Pezzner on freefrange […]

Peter Kirn - July 24, 2009

Toronto Patching Grudge Match: Pd and Max to End Niceties and Fight to the Death

Preparing for battle: it’s all in the mind. Photo: Aaron Landry. Two modular patching software packages for programming multimedia software visually, Pure Data (Pd) and Max/MSP/Jitter have long had a friendly relationship. The tools share code, are reasonably compatible in patches and external objects (sometimes with some adjustment), and are basically open source (Pd) and […]

Peter Kirn - July 18, 2008

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