In Japan, the promise of unique, more organic audiovisual aesthetics

At last week’s MUTEK.JP festival in Tokyo, amidst familiar touring works, you could spot a subplot – returning to color and fluid expression in live AV sets.

Watch the Clavilux, an ethereal light organ from 100 years ago

Long before trippy visualizers and computer animation, before liquid light shows or laser parties, Thomas Wilfred was building organs for visuals. He called the art they produced Lumia, and the instrument Clavilux – a keyboard for light. That first instrument was built all the way back in 1919. But unlike a lot of the spectacles […]

Peter Kirn - August 17, 2015

Music Visualization, 1938, All in Paper: Oskar Fischinger's Masterpiece "Optical Poem"

Oskar Fischinger – Optical Poem (1938) from Avant-Garde Cinema on Vimeo. Before digital animation, the early works of abstract pioneers constructed meticulous sequences of images that transformed music into synchronized visual for the first time. These works didn’t simply predict computer animation. They helped create it. The works we make now are heavily indebted to […]

Peter Kirn - December 17, 2012

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