Script Your Effects: Relaunch with Name Your Own Price Model

AEScripts is a required destination for After Effects users. I featured their work (Magnum – the Edit Detector) last year in my Ninja Video Sampling workflow. Last month they relaunched the site with a sleek new look, and a sleek new Name Your Own Price model for their scripts. Some great new additions to the […]

Adobe Rants Produces Unexpected Glitch Art

While we’re on the subject of User Interface… Adobe, as makers of the dominant creative software that powers the planet, are certainly due some criticism. But beware the wrath of the angry user. Via lili katschen on Twitter, I see the Intersphere has its own forums for endless Adobe gripes. Now, don’t get me wrong: […]

Peter Kirn - March 10, 2009

Adobe’s Soundbooth CS4, the Audio Editor Giveaway in Creative Suite

Speaking of audio editors for the Mac, Adobe has its own wave-editing tool for Mac and Windows. Soundbooth is different from other entries in the field, in that its aim is really to woo a wide audience and not just those of us who work with sound regularly. Got a Flash project and need to […]

- January 28, 2009

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