Between art tech and techno, past and future, a view from Russia

Gamma, the oversized electronic music and contemporary art event, has just wrapped in St. Petersburg, RU. We talk to Moscow-based curator Natalia Fuchs about transformations both historical and future in the realm of intermedia art and technology culture.

The music Web is now so closed, you can’t share your favorite song

Jam Supercut from Matthew Ogle on Vimeo. Call it a jam session that has completely fallen apart. Having Web services go dark is certainly not news in this day and age. We’ve come to expect that Internet services won’t be there forever. (Google Reader, anyone?) But if you pull apart some of the backstory behind […]

Peter Kirn - August 10, 2015

Devices and Expression: Curation, Design, Immersion, and Freedom

iPad meets Mac, new generation meets, old – what next? Photo (CC) Hassan Hodges. Steve Jobs is threatening to destroy the Internet. And it’s not even his fault. No, I’m not talking about whether or not the iPad supports Flash. I’m talking about the new propensity of various analysts to redefine computing, technology, and apparently […]

- May 17, 2010

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