The story of early tape music, microsound, and a Eurorack resurrection

What connects 1930s Germany, post-War musique concrete, 1980s computer music, and a Eurorack module? Why – tape and microsound! This history explains.

Sounds by Richard Devine, Granulation on iOS, and Footsteps of a Wasp

Exploring granular sound on the iPad in the application Curtis. Image courtesy the developers. Named for Curtis Roads, Curtis is an iPad and iPhone/iPod touch application that implements granular sound processing – a technique, imagined early on by the composer Xenakis, which divides sound into tiny granules, allowing more liquid modification of the audio. Roads […]

- August 31, 2010

Tiny Music: Xenakis Synthesis, Curtis Roads Granulation on iPhone

140 / curtis + thumb piano from m~fischer on Vimeo. Synthesis geeks are creating some fun sonic toys for the iPhone. There’s no reason you couldn’t plug in an iPod touch or your phone into a mixer and use them in live or studio creations for a little variety. And as mobile platforms grow in […]

- June 17, 2009

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