In Videos, a Battle of Controllers and Live Electronic Performance

In a competitive show of virtuosity, artists at an event in San Francisco over the summer battled to show that live electronic and laptop performance can be physical. It’s dance music that makes the artist sweat, and not just the audience. Hosted by the new blog with San Francisco’s LoveTech and Slayer’s Club communities, […]

monome Kits: Need Enclosure Inspiration? How About Etch-a-Sketch, Vintage Radios?

Chili – Sweet & Savory from Chili on Vimeo. Creating imaginative, inventive housings for musical instruments is nearly as old as the practice of making objects that make sound. Even in acoustic instruments, these additions often have nothing to do with sound – a viola da gamba doesn’t sound any better when it’s got the […]

- July 8, 2010

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