Interview, Workspace Tour: Alessandro Cortini’s SONOIO Album and Synth

All photos courtesy/(C) Alessandro Cortini, for CDM. Call it cable addiction. Italian-born musician Alessandro Cortini, known for his live keyboard work with Nine Inch Nails, retreated into the studio with classic and contemporary Buchla modular synths to make “SONOIO.” Guided by his uniquely personal compositional style, he was able to wrangle that mess of chords […]

The Most From Your Workspace: The 5 Best Trash Audio Music Making Environments

Atom TM cut back on the gear and wires, opting instead for decoration. The result: warmer visual inspiration, and even a warmer sound. Operating systems aside, the most important “platform” for your music may be the work environment you create for yourself to produce. Seeing that physical environment for someone else can be an inspiration, […]

- August 3, 2010

OpenFrameWorks: Interactive Art in C++, Made Easier?

One notable problem with Java (and thus Processing) is that, on its own, it’s not the best solution for doing the pixel-by-pixel processing and computer vision / motion tracking / video analysis, as it’s not as efficient for those kind of tasks as C/C++. The motion tracking / computer vision library for processing JMyron is […]

Peter Kirn - September 11, 2006

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