Mind-Boggling Power, as note~ Adds Timelines, Piano Roll, Notation to Max/MSP

Introduction to note~ for Max from Musikforschung Basel on Vimeo. For musicians, this could be the Max external to end all Max externals. Max has long been a powerful, open-ended environment for creation. But sometimes you want a piano roll, or a score, or a timeline. Efforts to do that in the past have been […]

Augmented Reality, Inside Jitter

Hey, Jitter fans: jit.artkmulti is an external for Max/MSP and Jitter that brings the powerful, marker-based augmented reality capabilities of ARToolKit to Max. We’ve seen a lapse in interest in marker-based tracking, I think, with the advent of technologies like Kinect, but it’s still useful for certain applications – and this makes it really easy […]

Peter Kirn - July 1, 2011

elastic~: Pitch, Speed Control Module for Your Max 5 Patch

If you’re looking for pitch- and speed-independent warping and other sonic effects, and Max 5 is your modular patching tool of choice, a new tool is now available to add to your arsenal. elastic~ is an object similar that allows high-quality audio warping. The developer claims it uses the “same algorhythm as software giants Cubase, […]

- October 28, 2008

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