Filter The Vuvuzela Horn Out of the World Cup; Learn JACK Routing on Linux

Yep. That sound. Now, if you happen to like the vuvuzela, if you’re feeling the South African Gees (spirit), maybe you can follow these instructions to make the horns even louder. Photo (CC-BY-SA) Axel B├╝hrmann. Are you a World Cup fan annoyed by the constant sound of the South African vuvuzela horn? Wish you could […]

OpenShot Video Editor Hits 1.0: More Free and Open Source Editing

I’m sorry this is just a home movie of a dog and not something cooler. Yes, I’ll be making some screenshots, too, an with the less-silly-looking GNOME/GTK theme. Open source video editing, after a long, slow start, is starting to mature far more quickly. OpenShot Video Editor , free software for Linux, has just hit […]

Peter Kirn - January 14, 2010

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