This Custom Suitcase Will Make You Lust for Modular

Having something pretty won’t necessarily make you make better music. But from the carved face on a viola da gamba to the shine of brass on a trumpet, musicians have long imbued the objects that make music with visual features reflecting the unseen beauty of the sounds they emit. And this suitcase for sound, the […]

Digital Addiction, Electronic Fetish, and Paola Rocchetti [Animation of the Week]

In “Addictions,” screens explode with glitchy, vibrating textures and faces become deconstructed masses, propped up in fetish-like guises and interlaced movement. We’re witnessing the work of Paola Rocchetti, who sends over examples and showreels that easily qualify as this week’s animated inspiration. Her work extends from motion and animation into the more traditional realms of […]

Peter Kirn - May 29, 2012

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