Apple is Still Going Pro, from Hardware to Pro App Updates [Editorial]

There’s an oft-repeated conventional wisdom about Apple that I think is just plain wrong, and it goes something like this: The success of the iPhone and iPad means that Apple is now a consumer company, and doesn’t care about pros. Now, let’s parse the above statement and say Apple sometimes makes decisions pro audiences don’t […]

Timecode Sync, Without Clapperboards, in a Clever iPad Hack

Clapperboards, clumsy hand claps, footage with screwed-up timecode and so on… wouldn’t it be nice to sync video directly without a clapboard, dropping timecode right into the timeline? Deepvisual sends this quick video showing off this clever technique. (Here, it’s Final Cut Pro 7, but FCP X and other video editors will work, too – […]

Peter Kirn - June 7, 2013

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 Adds Missing Multicamera, Sync, File Management and Migration Features

To skip to the punchline: Final Cut Pro X appears to at last do multi-camera editing, and do it right, as seen in the video posted by our friend Nilay at The Verge. To anyone who read deep conspiracy theories into the release of Final Cut Pro X, perhaps it’s time for a gentle reminder. […]

Peter Kirn - February 2, 2012

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