Vimeo Adds Creative Commons Licensing; Why It's a Good Thing for Visualists, Visual Culture

Vimeo has long been a favored site for visualists sharing their work, but while sites like rival video host and photo sharing site Flickr added an option for Creative Commons licensing, it’s been conspicuously absent on Vimeo — until now. Now, when you upload video files to Vimeo, you’ll see options for all the […]

Extraordinary Timelapse Skies, Now on an Affordable Canon SLR

Moving over the face of the Earth Timelapse from Laww Media on Vimeo. Greetings, planet Earth. Remember when exquisite timelapse photography was the exclusive domain of expensive cameras, bottled up and sold by the likes of the BBC Motion Graphics library? Now a Canon SLR camera well within the reach of mortals is more than […]

Peter Kirn - July 6, 2010

RED Digital Camera, Meet Sony Vegas 9: First Impressions

No, you’re not imagining things. That is in fact 4096-pixel-wide footage you’re editing, right in Sony Vegas. What happens when digital cinematography meets a favorite desktop video editing app for mortals? When our friend Nathanaël Lécaudé, also a talented multitouch developer, said he had encountered some work with RED, I was really curious to know […]

nathanal-lcaud - June 12, 2009

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