NYC: Blip Festival Thurs-Sun; Join Our 32-bit Meetup with Boing Boing Friday 6p

Living, eating, breathing Game Boys. Meneo, visual/musical artist on Game Boys. Photo (CC) rabato. Retro hardware? Vintage game machines? Old computers? New mobile devices? Whatever it is, we’ll make music and motion on it. The Blip Festival, the legendary international festival of vintage music and visual tech, invades New York today (Thursday) through Sunday. There’s […]

LittleGPTracker Hits 1.0; Free, GP2x, Linux, Mac, Windows, Does Lots of Stuff

LGPT, shirt optional. (Just in case you long for a tracker you can play topless.) Starpause jamming, via the LGPT site. Our friend Marc (“M-.-n”) writes to let us know version 1.0 of music tracker (think alternative sequencer / music making tool) LittleGPTracker is here, with quite a lot in the way of new features. […]

Peter Kirn - May 29, 2008

Digital Tools Interviews Paris Graphics on Homebrewed Mobile Game VJ Tools

The nicely-growing Digital Tools blog has an excellent interview with visualist Paris Treantafeles, who works with lo-fi 8-bit-style visuals using tools he’s built for GBA and the Linux-powered Gamepark. Interestingly, while a lot of people will dismiss the 8-bit movement as “nostalgic” — implying it’s just 20-somethings pining for their Mario-playing childhoods — Paris’ inspiration […]

Peter Kirn - March 18, 2008

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