Why Mobile Low-Latency is Hard, Explained by Google; Galaxy Nexus Still Musicians’ Android of Choice

Saying your device isn’t as responsive to sound as you’d want is a bit like saying you’re feeling sick to your stomach. The symptom is easy to describe, and everyone would agree it’s not a desirable state. But the fix can be rather complex. And when it comes to engineers who care about music and […]

Android Tablet Tidbits: Good News for Live Visuals

Killer app: live HD visual performance. Okay… yeah, we’re crazy. While it’s not relevant to this story, this particular graphic of the Xoom has an interesting feature – the gray areas illustrate thumb range on the form factor. Photo (CC-BY) Nick Butcher. Clear all the tablet hype away, and consider this: if someone told you […]

Peter Kirn - May 12, 2011

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