Pandora: Game Handheld with Real Linux, OpenGL ES, Video Out

For all the talk of Android and iOS, the lesser-known Pandora handheld has some juicy visual capabilities in a pocket form factor. You get decent specs (an ARM A8 core plus decent DSP), OpenGL ES 2.0 support, and – critical to making this a mobile visualist box – good, old-fashioned S-Video TV output. Production runs […]

LittleGPTracker Hits 1.0; Free, GP2x, Linux, Mac, Windows, Does Lots of Stuff

LGPT, shirt optional. (Just in case you long for a tracker you can play topless.) Starpause jamming, via the LGPT site. Our friend Marc (“M-.-n”) writes to let us know version 1.0 of music tracker (think alternative sequencer / music making tool) LittleGPTracker is here, with quite a lot in the way of new features. […]

Peter Kirn - May 29, 2008

MIDI Meets Mobile Linux Gaming: GP2X Portable Does MIDI Out

Marc writes with some great news for musically-inclined portable gaming fans — and visualists, too: Intially, after a while of finding out where the trouble was we nailed midi for littlegptracker running on GP2x. Here’s a little vid for it. Of course, another application would be also to use the 2x as sequencer to drive […]

Peter Kirn - October 10, 2007

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