Music for a Place, as Central Park Becomes a Score, and Location Meets Recording

There was a time when the ability to record and playback music didn’t exist – such things were magical fiction no one had seen. So, the idea of playing one channel of recorded sound, then two channels, had to be invented. Artists hadn’t created something called an “album” until there were devices that played back […]

A Kinetic, Experimental Typeface Made by Running Around Cities with GPS

Gallery opening in Berlin, top (photo: Ken Buslay); Klasien among participants from some 13 cities who contributed to the font (photo: Create Digital Motion). With an image in mind of a piece of metal or wood, there’s nothing quite more static in our Imagine typefaces, and your mind probably conjures an image of a piece […]

Peter Kirn - February 20, 2012

GPS Beatmap: Ford LTD + Salt Flats = Locative Driving Control Surface

GPS Beatmap from Jesse Stiles on Vimeo. “Locative art,” the idea that somehow location will feed into music and visuals, has eluded culture. We have the technology, in the form of sophisticated databases of location information and highly accurate, publicly-available GPS satellites. But it’s one of those solutions in search of a problem, and begs […]

Peter Kirn - September 2, 2009

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