Delia Derbyshire, in Radio Interviews and on T-Shirts

Delia Derbyshire, UK electronic composer extraordinaire and BBC Radiophonic Veteran, inspires depths of love and respect from us electronic muzos male and female that defy description. As Tara Busch from AnalogSuicide puts it, people aren’t just fans: they’re Delians. I think if you could see the image inside the heads of Delia fans at the […]

Essential Keyboard Technique: Sun Ra

Keyboard Magazine, I have a challenge for you: I think this solo desperately wants a Keyboard transcription. You know, “Play like Sun Ra.” It may require a larger insert, but maybe it could be sponsored by Yamaha or something. Okay, granted, Earthlings might argue that this sounds chaotic, but on Sun Ra’s native planet Jupiter, […]

Peter Kirn - February 17, 2008

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