Dance and Photography Combine Beautifully in Music Video for The Mast

Plenty of music videos resort to the “just shoot a dancer, dancing about” formula. But a video by Haale Gafori for The Mast proves simply transcendent. High-speed photography captures every percussive twitch of the dancer, who explodes clouds of particles (flour?) against a void-like black. It’s elegantly shot and edited, finally interpersing shots that project […]

The Mast’s UpUpUp, with Stunning Music Video and New EP, a Must-Hear Track

Touring as Haale in 2009, The Mast’s vocalist Haale Gafori. Photo (CC-BY-SA) Sean Richardson. We watch an exquisite music video on Create Digital Motion today for The Mast’s recent single “UpUpUp,” so it’s only right to call attention to this terrific New York-based duo. Combining acrobatic percussionist Matt Kilmer with skilled and silken-voiced composer/singer Haale […]

Peter Kirn - June 18, 2012

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