Reminder: HOPE “We Are Hacks” A/V Event Tonight; Listen to HOPE Online

Tonight, musical and visual artists converge for an evening of live performance at the HOPE hacker conference in NYC, 11p – 2a. Hope you can make it there, New York area peoples. There are other ways of joining the event (and the rest of the HOPE conference): IRC Channel — #radiostatler And for live […]

We are Hacks: Live Visual Lineup for the HOPE Hacker Conference, NYC Friday

Joshue Ott/superDraw +Ezekiel Honig live at monkeytown from superdraw on Vimeo. I’m very excited about the music lineup we have planned for this Friday in New York at the CDM-curated evening of live audio and visuals – but the visual lineup should be a big draw, too. If you’re in New York, come say hi […]

Peter Kirn - July 12, 2008

We Are Hacks: Music and Visual Performance at HOPE, NYC – Preview

8-bit and robots and odd Max and Reaktor patches and custom visual software and visualizations of data packets and sound made from plants and mutant trumpets and gloves for DJing and laptop music – we’ve got quite a lineup here in New York this week. Friday night, a live audiovisual lineup from the worlds of […]

Peter Kirn - July 12, 2008

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