From Your Voice to Sculpture, Handheld Augmented Visuals

Artist James Alliban sends his mobile app Konstruct, which translates speaking, singing, whistling, and blowing into generative three-dimensional forms, then maps them to an augmented reality marker. It’s vocal improvisatory art. A version is planned for iPad 2, which seems appropriate – the tablet form factor becomes a canvas. It looks like great fun to […]

Gear Crush: Wacom Intuos 4 has Ambidextrous OLED, More Buttons, Scrolly Thing

The new Intuos graphics tablet from Wacom ticks some very attractive boxes. The scroll wheel and OLED “multifunction” buttons look great, but I’m most impressed that the tablet is smart enough to flip the screens when being used by a left hander. I own an Intuos 2, and while I don’t use it very regularly, […]

Jaymis Loveday - March 26, 2009

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