Record Your Session to the Web: Indaba’s Online Recording Studio Launches

What if you could record directly online from a Web browser – no additional software needed? It’s not a new idea, but online music community Indaba has an interesting new Java-based tool that gets one step closer. We took a first look at the tool last month, but it’s now publicly available at today. […]

Record it Live to the Internet: Indaba Reveals JavaFX-Powered Online Recording Studio

Indaba Music, a community and suite of online tools for musicians, announced today they’ve revamped their online recording and production tool using Java and JavaFX. The result: a platform-agnostic, online interface that allows you to record music “directly to the Internet.” And the band Weezer is excited enough about it that they’re giving their official […]

- June 3, 2009

What Adobe Means By "Open" Screens, and a Mobile Open Scorecard

Software is increasingly a medium for artists. That to me raises really deep questions about platforms, and whether you’ll have freedom with the platforms you use. A gig’s a gig, and there’s nothing wrong with using these tools to accomplish jobs. But on the other hand, for the same practical (not even philosophical) reasons, the […]

Peter Kirn - February 19, 2009

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