Touch: What’s Next for Lemur? Video Shows Tighter Ableton Live Integration

A frequently asked question around these parts is, what’s next for JazzMutant’s Lemur? The dedicated multi-touch hardware showed that touch could be a powerful means of interacting with music and visuals, years before “iPhone” and “iPad” became household words. But now, make no mistake about it, new, cheap hardware is moving in on the Lemur’s […]

Future Grooves: Breeding Beats Like DNA, Lemur + Ableton Live + Max 5

DyNAmic sequencer from Lo-Fi Massahkah on Vimeo. Ready for some musical genetic engineering? Much of the sound of electronic music today grows out of the use – and abuse – of specific designs. The electronica beats bred in discos and techno, Detroit and Berlin have a direct lineage to analog step sequencers and the rigid […]

- February 8, 2009

Lemur, Dexter Multi-Touch: V2 Software, Recession-Special Price Drops

Unboxing the Lemur, (CC) Bjarke Bech. Before the iPhone, before HP computers and Windows 7 touch features and Apple trackpad gestures, the Jazz Mutant Lemur multi-touch interface was ahead of its time. Today, it’s still unique, in that it’s one of the few commercially-available devices to support OpenSoundControl, it’s a luxuriously-large multi-touch screen, and it […]

- February 6, 2009

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