Deezer’s Spleeter is an open source AI tool to split stems, for remixes or … karaoke?

The real power of machine learning may have nothing to with automating music making, and everything to do with making sound tools hear the way you do.

iPhone Day: LaDiDa’s Reverse Karaoke Composes Accompaniment to Singing

LaDiDa Demo from khush on Vimeo. There’s no question iPhone/iPod touch development – really, just clever mobile development – has gotten a bit overhyped lately. But that’s all the more reason to do a round-up of genuinely interesting stories, real innovation happening on the platform. So, I’m clearing out my inbox with some of the […]

Peter Kirn - October 6, 2009

Roland’s VIMA Concept Keyboard: Digital Media Hub and … Karaoke Workstation?

Finally, the wait is over. As technology companies battle for the living room, Roland has built the ultimate convergence device. The VIMA concept keyboard addresses the need of the average home consumer to play organ and keyboard sounds, manage digital photos and videos, and perform karaoke using a single, integrated product. The days of having […]

Peter Kirn - October 6, 2006

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