Laser Cello Played by Musician and Animator Helene Berg

Helene Berg is a cellist. She’s also an animator, video artist/filmmaker, and does yoga and water-aerobics. So when she plays cello, it’s fitting she might play more than just any old cello. Enter the lasercello, an augmented rendition of the traditional instrument designed by Jonas Ericsson of the Stockholm design agency No Picnic. Documentation is […]

Beamz Laser Harp, as You’ve Never Heard it Before

Forget all my blathering on about the Sharper Image Beamz thing, because this video says it better than I possibly could. No, it’s not the video you’ve seen already. Think Beamz gone experimental — and keep watching until about :30. (Thanks to Chachi and Matt for this one.) It’s official: Beamz has become stuff of […]

Peter Kirn - April 8, 2008

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