A LEGO Sequencer, Imaginary Electronic Antiques, and Other Yoshi Akai Creations

Artist and design Yoshi Akai (no relation, as far as I know) treats analog electronics as an art form, a sculpture, an instrument, and an exercise in interaction design, all wrapped in the velour of vintage hardware design. For everyone who misses the deco elegance of meticulously-engraved surfaces and tastefully-appointed enclosures of early-century electronics, Yoshi’s […]

Radiohead House of Cards Data: Time Lapse Rendering in Real Legos

When the creative team behind Radiohead’s new video for House of Cards released 3D imaging data of Tom Yorke’s head, I’m sure they looked forward to finding out what people would do with it. I’m guessing one thing they didn’t expect was for someone to go manually through the data and painstakingly reproduce it in […]

Peter Kirn - August 6, 2008

Music things: Lego Synths, Max/MSP Vids, and PC World Love for MT + CDM

Posts had gotten thinner over the past couple of months (do I ever know that pressure), but if you missed the torrents of blog entries over on Music thing, blogger Tom Whitwell has sprung back into action. And, as usual, he’s got lots of great goodies. Among my favorites: A Nord Modular made of Legos […]

Peter Kirn - July 2, 2007

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