Inside the Intense Audiovisual Collaboration of Drøp and FAX [unrender, Video + Interview]

Drøp feat. Fax @ UNRENDER / LEHRTER SIEBZEHN / BERLIN from CDM on Vimeo. Crackling and vibrating, Drøp featuring Fax is an intense bath of sound and light, webs of lines materializing and dissolving in Fax’s visuals like microscopic alien thunderstorms. The duo played live at our first unrender session, and captivated our crowd with […]

Vixid Talks About Making a Creative Hardware Mixer – And Wants Your Input on Next Gen [Video]

What should a hardware mixer for real creative applications, live performance, and VJing look like? Vixid’s Vincent Julien answers that question in the latest video interview from our friends at He talks mainly about his philosophy and why this hardware went the direction it did. But he also reveals what the next generation might […]

Peter Kirn - September 18, 2012

The Audiovisual Synth: VJ Fader + Mandy Mozart on Combining Visuals, Sound [Video]

VJ Fader and Mandy Mozart about A+V from LVX.TV Institute for Live-Video on Vimeo. Visuals can accompany sound, make elaborate light shows that splash color behind music, or turn music into a stunning spectacle. But really fusing visuals and music into the sense of one medium? That’s a bigger hill to climb. In another interview […]

Peter Kirn - August 23, 2012

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