Cyber-Illusion: A Digital Magician Unafraid of Revealing Secrets, History, in Google Talk

Cyber-illusionist Marco Tempest speaks in a full length video to the Innovators@Google series at Google’s New York offices. Marco, whose work we’ve followed before, is unique in that his presentation isn’t just a series of visual tricks, however wondrous. He roots his work in the history of magic and illusion, not only technically but as […]

The Magic of High Speed Photography: An Egg-Themed Tribute, an Affordable Camera for the Masses

Technologist magician Marco Tempest is back with another effort fusing traditional techniques and new gizmos. And I like how Marco celebrates Easter: not by painting eggs, but by filming them in motion on high-speed cameras. This time, he calls our attention to George Karger, a pioneer in high-speed photography and amateur magic – a pre-digital […]

Peter Kirn - April 25, 2011

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