Musical Laptopism: Robotspeak Presents Live Music; Live Videos from May

Chachi Jones, in action. Did he look like he was checking his email? Yes, I’m fairly certain that’s what that egg whisk percussion instrument was for. As digital musicianship grows, it’s critical to have places like Robotspeak. This small, basement-level music shop on San Francisco’s lower Haight is a brilliant music tech boutique by day. […]

Maker Faire: Performance Animation with Brent Green Nervous Films

Animator and musician Brent Green creates truly unusual animated films and performs live musical soundtracks to them, as he did for fellow Makers at Maker Day during last week’s Maker Faire. Hand-drawn frame by frame, his work seems barely to contain its own movement, described as “cobbled together” yet strangely beautiful. Evocative, simple soundtracks accompany […]

Peter Kirn - May 22, 2007

Maker Faire: Hacked-up, Wearable Video with Archos PMA

Want to wear your video on your sleeve? Wearaware Design hacked the cradle for the Archos line of video devices in ways that make the device both more practical and more … wearable. How? By eliminating the cradle, an always-worthy goal: The cradle itself is not necessary for accessing any of the A/V i/o ports […]

Peter Kirn - May 22, 2007

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