After Later’s modules impress: a complex oscillator line, new takes on Mutable Instruments

Module makers Lenny and Clarissa are making a name for their After Later Audio line. Up for fall: all the best bits of a complex oscillator made more modular, and a growing line of reboots of now-discontinued Mutable Instruments modules.

All about Mutable’s Marbles random sampler – and a clever, just-released update

Mutable Instruments’ modules seemed poised to live forever, in synth terms. A clever update this week is a good reminder of the coolness of the Marbles random sampler.

Peter Kirn - March 7, 2020

Celebrating Optical Illusion in Motion; Fun with Marbles

Impossible motion magnet-like slopes from Ben Fry on Vimeo. To work with visuals and motion, you need to understand how visual perception functions, for the same reason that sound design is informed by understandings of how our hearing perceives space, frequency, timbre, and the like. So lately, I’ve been fascinated by this question in motion. […]

Peter Kirn - May 31, 2010

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