2012 in Music Videos: 35 Videos, Eight Minutes – Go!

2012 Music Video Mashup from Renier Mouthaan on Vimeo. I want my music television. Someone spiked my egg nog, and I had the craziest dream. I dreamt all the major music videos of 2012 somehow ran end to end in a blur. And what a year it was – Korean pop and Elijah Wood’s arm […]

Obama’s Inauguration as Reaktor Mash-Up: Tim Exile

Living in the digitally-connected age means a constant flow of media – but also the chance to reprocess (or even hack) it. Tim Exile (aka Exile aka Tim Shaw) is an electronic music innovator and one-man DSP laboratory. He didn’t just turn on his TV to watch today’s US Presidential Inauguration – he mashed it […]

- January 20, 2009

Trailer Remixes: Watchmen, Recomposed in Ableton Live

As we continue to watch trailers reimagined as audiovisual remixes, Michael Forrest sends along a great Ableton Live remix of the trailer for Watchmen. What’s fun about Live in this case (and mirrors the way some folks work in Sony Vegas) is that it allows the remixer to think more fluidly about the line between […]

Peter Kirn - December 1, 2008

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