Home Alone Remixed Live on Ableton, Launchpad; Mega APC Mashup

Home Alone (Ableton Live Remix) from Keenan Gaynor on Vimeo. It’s the holidays, a time for family, and to ponder when controller mappings meet one-shot clip triggering, cable TV, weird child neglect, and brutal violence against slapstick criminals. Yes, of course – it’s the time-honored tradition of Ableton Live and Home Alone. There’s the 2010 […]

Attack of the Remix: Soda Jerk Interview by Simulcast

Friend of CDM Simulcast caught up with Australian video remixers Soda Jerk last year, to talk about their technically intense, epic, narrative remixes. Soda_Jerk are two remix artists who create brand spanking new stories with their compositions. They work across several mediums but are probably best known for their entirely sample based audiovisual films that […]

Jaymis Loveday - February 5, 2009

SciFi Channel Release Battlestar Galactica Music, Sound Effects and Video for Remixing

I’ve posted this news on CDMo, but we at CDM Distributed Global HQ love Battlestar so much, and I’m sure Peter would agree it would be a shame if anyone missed out, so we’re going to have a little news repetition. Executive Summary: SciFi channel have released a bunch of audio and video from Battlestar […]

Nathanael Jeanneret - March 8, 2007

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