Modular MAWZER Controller, a Reality in July?

We first heard about the Mawzer modular control surface over two years ago. In CDM time, that’s like the Bronze Age. The idea was appealing enough: assemble controller layouts by plugging in different modules in whatever combination you like, Lego-style. (See below for someone using actual Legos; that’s another story.) Building specialized music hardware from […]

More on Mawzer: Modular, Custom Control Surface

We had an early look last week at the upcoming Mawzer Control Surface, a modular box that lets you combine faders, knobs, and controls via plug-and-play modules to form whatever control box you can imagine. Since then, the Mawzer folks have gradually been feeding us more details. Finally we have a high-res image to drool […]

Peter Kirn - April 20, 2005

Musikmesse: Customizable, Modular Mawzer Control Surface

Want to go Sasha one better and customize your own modular control surface for all of your software? The Mawzer gives new meaning to the term plug and play. You start with a simple backplane and plug in various modules such as faders, buttons, and knobs, assign MIDI controls and you're good to go. Even […]

Peter Kirn - April 15, 2005

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