Animation for Games, Fanciful and Surreal, by Mario von Rickenbach [Unity]

Zurich-based artist Mario von Rickenbach is a fine representation of what the new generation of visualists looks like. Adept in code and art alike, turning his talents in illustration beyond pretty pictures to experimental game design, he’s part of a breed of artists who expresses visual ideas in interactive, live form. Those real-time game engines […]

Inspiration: Fluid, Organic Forms, in the Generative Narratives of tsaworks

Martin Böttger (tsaworks) sends along a beautiful 3D audiovisual concoction, with generated tendrils that drift in and out of light as though they are suspended in fluid, synthetic ribbons of jellyfish tentacles. I asked Martin to tell us more.

Peter Kirn - June 30, 2011

Audiovisual Inspiration: Suryummy Imagines Interstellar Cooking Show

Interstellar Sugar – Suryummy from Suryummy on Vimeo. Friend of CDMo Suryummy shares this audiovisual motion sequence, imagining what the world would be like if you cooked … in … outer space. Good stuff. And no, The Frugal Gourmet hasn’t been dropping acid. (Suryummy does suggest that this could be Bowie with a cooking show, […]

Peter Kirn - August 11, 2008

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