Remote-Controlled Micro Projector in Fog: Pfadfinderei + Moderat

Today, we review the new Moderat LP, II, on Create Digital Music. Teaming up with fellow Berlin-based visual collective Pfadfinderei — that ubiquitous boutique of electronic visualism — Moderat devised a unique way to tease the album. They allowed Web visitors to remote-control a micro projector online. There’s a sense of musical fog in the […]

Toward the Hackable iPod: BUG Labs, Now Wired for Sound

It’s looking like 2009 is set to be a great year for open source and hardware hacking. Likely lost in a lot of the CES news, BUG Labs, makers of open source, Linux-based hardware you can snap together like Lego bricks, now has a range of new modules. Most interesting to readers here: there’s an […]

- January 7, 2009

Bug Labs Open Source Linux Hardware Gets a Pico-Projector Module, More

Previous modules include GPS, screen, camera, proximity/accelerometer, and some powerful features on the core hardware unit. But a projector? Now we’re really interested. I just recently got my BUG developer hardware from Bug Labs and have begun to work with it. The idea: a Linux-powered, open source mini computer with little modules you snap on […]

Peter Kirn - January 7, 2009

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