Notch just added killer NVIDIA Broadcast support with cool features like body tracking

So, speaking of NVIDIA goodies and why they’re powerful for artists – Notch just added support for all those NVIDIA Broadcaster features covered here in the fall. It’s like a motion capture studio and green screen rig, without the studio or screen.

Watch The Black Madonna DJ live from … inside a video game

Algorithmic selection, soulless streaming music, DJ players that tell you what to play next and then do it for you… let’s give you an alternative, and much more fun and futuristic future. Let’s watch The Black Madonna DJ from inside a video game.

Peter Kirn - August 16, 2018

A Ballet of Quadrotors: Helicopter Spectacular from Saatchi & Saatchi [Vicon, OpenFrameworks]

So, we can point lights at different stuff and map projections to surfaces and do all that good stuff. You know what’s even more fun? Flying the lights around on helicopters. In a dazzling visual display of abstract spectacle, Quadrotors – in this case, small, mobile four-rotor helicopters – buzz about like a precision ballet […]

Peter Kirn - July 30, 2012

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