Dynamic Touch Interfaces That Build Themselves, with Android, iOS

Today, we note the availability on Android of Control, a WebKit-based touch interface also on iOS. For visualists and interactive designers, it’s worth paying attention to one feature in particular: dynamic interface creation. Perhaps biased by the musicians who have tended to embrace them, touch interfaces have tended to rely on the static layouts favored […]

When Code and Visuals Meet Music: Ghostly International Collaborative at Eyebeam

Visual Music Collaborative 2010 from Aaron Meyers on Vimeo. Aaron Meyers and Aaron Koblin, each with their own background in expressive code and the connection of music and visuals, offered a terrific workshop last month at the Eyebeam research center here in New York. They involved Ghostly International, a label that has enlisted designers, interactive […]

Peter Kirn - August 13, 2010

mrmr Provides Instant OSC Visual Control; Gallery Show, Workshop in NYC

Automatic for the people: the beauty of mrmr is that it’s an instantaneous, ubiquitous interface for any interactive visuals. Walk up to an installation, and via wifi, your mobile device receives a set of controls that can be used to manipulate what you see. You can collaborate on performances, provide interactions with software and data […]

Peter Kirn - April 6, 2010

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