OSC to MIDI conversion and MIDI over network, with a free, open source tool

Music gear and software supports MIDI. Visual software supports OSC. You have a network and want to easily run MIDI over it. Sound familiar? Here’s a clever free tool (with open code you can also learn from) that acts as an essential tool.

Wormhole2: Tool Routes Audio Over Networks, Now Open Source

Wormhole2 is a powerful, cross-platform (Windows + Mac) VST plug-in capable of transmitting audio between computers over networks. It allows effects chain routing between networked computers, boasts low-latency performance on LANs, and even works over WiFi or Firewire. But Wormhole2’s niche audience kept it from catching on more widely, and we hadn’t heard much from […]

Peter Kirn - December 17, 2007

Network Data and Quartz Composer: Leopard Tip

Pimp my mobile Quartz Composer ‘Book: this shot by Flickrer qlc demonstrates just how attached some Mac visualists are to Quartz Composer. But with security protections, is every QC composition an island? Good news: there’s a fix. Quartz Composer gurus have had to face challenges bringing in network data: the problem is, to keep Quartz […]

Peter Kirn - November 25, 2007

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