A call for emotion in musical inventions, at Berlin hacklab

Moving beyond stale means of framing questions about musical interface or technological invention, we’ve got a serious case of the feels. For this year’s installment of the MusicMakers Hacklab we host with CTM Festival in Berlin, we look to the role of emotion in music and performance. And that means we’re calling on not just […]

Music and Performance, Made On The Spot: Hacklab, Open Call in Berlin

Inventing technological hacks in short time is one thing. At CTM Festival in Berlin, we want to push collaborative participants to go further. First, invent the technology for performance. Then, invent the performance – and be ready to perform publicly – and it do it all in just one week. It’s time again to join […]

- December 5, 2013

Open Call: Kernel Festival, Your Audiovisuals, in Italy [Deadline April 30]

Just the mention of Italy tickles the art nerves in a lot of us, from its history to its ongoing culture. If that appeals to you, don’t miss this open call for a terrific festival at the beautiful Villa Tittoni Traversi in Desio, Italy (outside Milan). The Kernel Festival will feature digital and visual art, […]

Peter Kirn - April 19, 2012

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