The Internet, as an Avant-Garde Orchestral Suite – YouTube Mash-Ups

Via YouTube Doubler, a twisted online YouTube mash-up tool created by digital artist and Emergency Broadcast Network veteran Brian Kane, comes a strange new … orchestral composition. (EBN, for those not in the know, should translate as "video mash-ups before you knew what video mash-ups were.") Charlie Rose interviews Charlie Rose. "Google…" Just watch. (The […]

Fight the Microsoft Songsmith Cheese with Samples, Styles

Okay, so you’ve seen the painful demo video for Microsoft Research’s Songsmith software – it was intended to me tongue-in-cheek, I think, but the self-parody didn’t quite work. But the idea of auto-accompaniment software that interprets your recorded singing remains impressive. And I’ve gotten some tips that it is possible to make Songsmith sound good. […]

- January 9, 2009

Ableton Does Orchestras; Which Section Would a Good Lutheran Get?

A spherical view of the Baltimore Symphony, by Zach Stern. Ableton announced that they’d be doing an orchestral sample library — called, logically enough, the Orchestral Instrument Collection — way back when Live Suite came out last year. But Orchestral Instruments actually didn’t ship then. As of this week, it is shipping. You can buy […]

Peter Kirn - May 9, 2008

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