Dream Interface Combo: VDMX + Lemur = Customization Extravaganza

D-func, one third of German DVJ trio Weissgold.TV, picked up a Lemur [on CDMo, on CDMu] a couple of weeks ago, and has put together a fantastic custom interface which controls VDMX [on CDMo] over two machines. VIDVOX Forums – I finally found my perfect set-up! VDMX’s UI customization is one of its biggest strengths, […]

Resolume Avenue Review on Skynoise: "Audiovisual Kick-Ass-O-Clock"

Australian audiovisualist and Thinker Jean Poole has spent some time with Resolume Avenue and recorded his thoughts on the subject in a handy and informative article, with words and pictures: It’s a well considered approach, and becomes intuitive fairly quickly. What especially jumps out is the audio parameters integrated in each of the above areas, […]

Jaymis Loveday - January 21, 2009

Add Mac Quicktime Support for FLV: Perian

I’m sure this is one of those tools which almost everyone knows about, but it’s useful enough that I’d post it if only a single person benefited: Perian is a component for which adds native Quicktime support for, notably, FLV (and a bunch of other formats nobody really cares about). This means you can play […]

Jaymis Loveday - June 29, 2008

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