How They Work – NIN: Echoplex, Rehearsing Live with Lemur

NIN: Echoplex – Live at Rehearsals, July 2008 from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo. Jaymis at Create Digital Motion was admiring this video and watching the Lemur action at the beginning. It further inspires me to custom-install a touch overlay on my laptop, which isn’t terribly expensive – having touch in a live playing situation […]

Portable Guitar Travel Rig, from Kevin of The Nettles

Now having seen fold-up guitars in briefcases, here’s another approach to what to put in your portable guitar rig, from our friend Kevin Johnsrude of The Nettles. Kevin plays both bass and guitar, but he has a more portable rig so he can play music everywhere. Kevin writes: In the photo: The diagonal headless guitar […]

Peter Kirn - June 21, 2006

FretPet: Guitar Fret Tool, Chord, Pitch, Sequence Toy

At first, I thought FretPet was a virtual fret interface with MIDI output to your favorite soft synths. And so it is. But closer inspection reveals a lot more. This Mac tool, newly available for OS X with an expanded feature set, is a unique way of exploring pitch and chords. If you know nothing […]

Peter Kirn - February 17, 2006

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