Pop, glam, death, and definitely not techno: Pop-Kultur Round-up

The problem with festivals isn’t that we’re lacking for choice. But in the fast food court of summer festivities, the offerings tend to be arrayed in hard-edged silos. Here’s the dance music one, and it’ll be a rave. Here’s the rock one, and it’s just going to be about guitars. Here’s the experimental one, and […]

Tron Redux, Indeed: Cheech and Chong Star in Economics-Inspired Psychedelic Remake

I was trying to work out exactly how to write that headline. There’s really no way to make it sound right. Cheech and Chong – yes, THE Cheech and Chong – star in a remake short of Tron. It starts with an extended dialog about the current economic meltdown, but suddenly there are light cycles. […]

Peter Kirn - July 17, 2009

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