Apple’s MainStage Auto Sampler Turns Your Hardware into Software

Hidden in last month’s update to Logic and MainStage is a feature a lot of sampler lovers have been missing. You need the latest MainStage to access it, but it allows you to easily create sampled software versions of external instruments. Italian developer Redmatica had a host of technologies for transforming hardware instruments into software […]

NAMM: Instant Sample Patch Creation for Logic’s EXS24, Now Almost Too Easy

If you really like the idea of creating your own Logic EXS24 sample patches but end up not because it’s really, really a pain in the ass, you will love Keymap from Redmatica. The demo I saw took a single audio file of half a dozen instrument samples at different pitches, then automatically sliced them […]

Josh Jancourtz - January 19, 2007

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