Digital DJing: Serato Scratch Live is Dead; Long Live Serato DJ [In Depth]

Serato DJ With DVS is Here from Serato on Vimeo. Let’s not mince words: Serato’s DJ offerings had gotten confusing, and updates and compatibility lagged. This week, the company has changed the tune: there’s one Serato to support everything, and it’s coming soon. For controller users, that means being ready to go in October, thanks […]

MixEmergency 2.2: Layer, Sequence, Step-Sequence Effects, in Beautiful Update

MixEmergency has been the “DVJ” tool of choice among many readers here, a surprisingly-powerful visual tool that integrates with Serato Scratch Live for hybrid vinyl/visual performance. It already gives Serato’s own visual offering, Serato Video, a run for its money. The latest update has a powerful effects tool that could be the envy of any […]

Peter Kirn - December 18, 2012

VIDEO-SL, Video for DJs, Turnablists: $99 Deal, CDM Giveaway, and How it’s Used

VIDEO-SL is the video plug-in for Serato’s Scratch Live, extending the turntablist / virtual vinyl metaphor from sound to the realm of video. Once loaded, you can manage video clips and control them with vinyl or CD as if they lived on records, a clever rendition of something that would technically be impossible (or at […]

Peter Kirn - December 19, 2011

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