Proposal: A Markup Language for Turntable Scratch Performance; Open Call

Scratching, captured. Photo (CC-BY-SA) karl sinfield / sindesign. Add this to the Internet of Things: imagine data recording scratching and scratch performances. Technologists Jamie Wilkinson, Michael Auger, and Kyle McDonald propose a new way of storing scratch moves as data. They’re not just working in traditional ways, either: they’re hacking turntables and optical mice and […]

Scratching Live Video Input: Ms. Pinky + Max for Live

Scratch Yourself Stupid from digital funfair on Vimeo. Can you do exciting things with video inside Ableton Live using Max for Live? Yes, you can. It’s just a proof of concept/demo, not really a polished performance, but Digital Funfair has revealed with his Max for Live work how you might scratch incoming video and not […]

Peter Kirn - February 5, 2010

Augmented Reality DJ: Scratch it with a Camera, Plus AR Resources

AR scratching from vanderlin on Vimeo. “Augmented Reality” is a fancy term for describing ways of using computer vision to overlay digital intelligence on images. In other words, you can, for instance, scratch a vinyl record using a camera – plus a tag for identifying the object’s position in 3D space. Cambridge-based designer Todd Vanderlin […]

- April 28, 2009

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