Interview: Indie Sample Library Impact:Steel’s Developer Wilbert Roget, II

Composer turned sample developer Wilbert Roget, II has just released a new ‘indie’ sample library called Impact:Steel. We spoke with him to find out more about how and why he created the library and how creating his own sample libraries plays into his composition. CDM: First, can you tell us a bit about your background, […]

Bizarre Fish-Themed Gadgets, Musical Instruments

Fish-shaped glass armonicas? Electronic snapping instruments? An entire line of nonsensical products that’s fish themed? Via comments on yesterday’s glass armonica piece, bodhi points us to various fish-based “performance-art-manufacturing” creations by the Japanese maywa denki group. Examples: Koi-beat: Manual rhythm-making machine in the shape of a carp. Inputted-rhythm by the switch is output at 100V. […]

Peter Kirn - July 5, 2006

Nintendo Day: How to Make ElectroPlankton Rock (A Wishlist)

I’ve had Electroplankton for a while now, and I feel the need to document my experience. Reviews of Electroplankton in general are redundant: people either get it or they don’t. If you’re a music nerd and enjoy experimental music, you’ll love it. Enough said. Hence, this exposition, or perhaps exposé – you choose. For anyone […]

Nathanael Jeanneret - June 7, 2006

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