Valentine’s Mix: Inverted Audio Make a V-Day “Sex Tape,” We Like

Provocatively entitling a mix, released on Valentine’s Day, “Sex Tape”? Full of love-y songs? Well played. (So to speak.) Fortunately, the mix delivers, with some of our favorite songs that are – dare we say – if not better than sex, at least as good as good sex. Lest you forget, this is CDM, notorious […]

Censored Video: Max/MSP and Physical Computing Power X-Rated Musical Inventions

Photo: Donald Bell, via Flickr. By the way, USB ankle plugs aren’t just for women; I have one. It’s a huge boon while traveling, though I wish I were getting lower audio latency. Expressive technologies, like any other media, will say whatever their creators want them to say and do what their creators want them […]

Peter Kirn - October 22, 2007

Sexohol Releases First-Ever Widget Album

First vinyl, then 8-track, then tape, then CD, then MP3, now . . . Dashboard widget? Yes, you heard that right. Sexohol is releasing its album Enjoy as a Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X. It’s free, and includes pictures of the lovely couple in the band plus lyrics. Only downside is you have to […]

Peter Kirn - August 15, 2005

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