Data Privacy, The Terrifying 3D Animated Movie by Beeple [+VJ Clips]

Can shiny, rotating 3D eye candy have a message? They can if they’re in the masterful hands of motion graphics / visualist wizard Beeple, aka Mike Winkelmann. His latest short is retina-singeing, brain-stimulating imagination of the issue of transparency and data privacy, in the age of Snowden and the NSA, targeted Facebook ads, Foursquare check-ins, […]

Video Find: Fixing MPC 500 Pads with Tape, Bike Rubber

A two-minute break for some MPC hacking – friend of the site Servando Barreiro hacks his MPC for better performance, and demonstrates the results in a video. It’s a reminder that a little mechanical thought can improve the life of your musical gear. “So, that’s all. Goodbye.” (Other drum pad hacking tips? We’d love to […]

Peter Kirn - September 7, 2012

Short Lapse, Time Remap: Ecological Apple and Simple Ideas

Simple, original ideas are wonderful. The vast majority of videos that “go viral” are based around a single, simple idea. The idea may be “anesthetized kids are funny”, or it may be “time-remapping a rotting apple makes it look magical:” Ecological apple (experimental short) from Andreas Soderberg on Vimeo. It´s a regular timelapse that i […]

Jaymis Loveday - September 8, 2009

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